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This site is mostly out of date. I have been meaning to overhaul it for a few years now, but unfortunately I am more passionate about doing my research than about marketing it. In addition I have yet to find a good format for presenting my publications and projects in different languages, as I have found that those who read only one or two languages tend to be put off or confused by multilingual bibliographies. If you have come across good multilingual academic websites, do let me know!

Why I have added “he/him/his” to my e-mail signature

I have recently started receiving e-mails from correspondents in the United States with pronouns listed in their signatures. This practice has started as a way to feel transgender people feel more included, a goal I fully support. In addition, however, it might help those unfamiliar with Russian names realize that Mischa is a male name.

Incidentally, while I personally have little interest in defining my own ethnic or national or other identity in general terms, I am very sensitive about the correct spelling of my name and do not respond well to people thinking they can alter that spelling because my name is “foreign” or just a transliteration from another language anyway. There are two spellings of my name, which reflect my biography and the fact that I publish in different languages. So please note that:

  • the only correct spelling of my name in languages that use the Latin alphabet is Mischa Gabowitsch (not “Misha” or “Mikhail” and not “Gabowitz,” “Gabovich” or the like),
  • and the only correct form of my name in Russian is Михаил Габович — not Миша, which is OK in informal correspondence but not in formal contexts such as publications.