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On this page you can download the syllabi for my courses at Princeton as well as universities in Germany, Poland, and Ukraine.

· Memory in Translation: online course co-taught with Magda Heydel, Kornelia Kończal, and Roma Sendyka to students at the Universities of Bielefeld and Cracow and the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv (winter 2023-24)

· Zweiter Weltkrieg und Holocaust: gesellschaftliche Folgen und Sinnsuche in Ost- und Westeuropa, 1945-75 [WWII and the Holocaust: Societal Consequences and the Search for Meaning in Eastern and Western Europe, 1945-75] (Viadrina, winter 2020-21)

· Protest, Widerstand und Aktivismus in der sowjetischen und postsowjetischen Gesellschaft [Protest, Resistance, and Activism in Soviet and Post-Soviet Society] (Viadrina, summer 2018)

· Gefallenengedenken und Nationalstaat im 19.-21. Jahrhundert [Commemoration of Fallen Soldiers and the Nation State in the 19th-21st Centuries] (Humboldt University, summer 2015)

·  Memory in Social Life (Princeton, winter 2009)

· People, Things, and Animals (Princeton, summer 2008)

·  Introduction to Contemporary French Sociology (Princeton, summer 2008)

· Loving and Hating the West. The Social and Intellectual Roots of Anti-Western Ideologies (Princeton, winter 2008 & winter 2007)