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If you’re looking for video or audio recordings of my talks and interviews on specific topics, you’ll find them on the page for that topic. On this page I collect all publicly available recordings that are in English or have English subtitles, regardless of topic. This includes lectures and talks as well as conversations where I was either the interviewer or the interviewee. For talks and interviews in Russian, German, or French, please switch to a different language in the website menu.

  1. Talks and discussions
  2. Interviews with me
  3. My interviews (in the PoSoCoMeS series)
  4. Talks and discussions I chaired

Talks and discussions

Mykola Homanyuk & Mischa Gabowitsch: Monuments in Times of War: Soviet and Post-Soviet War Memorials in Russian-Occupied Ukraine since February 2022. Conference “Politics of Memory and the Identity of the Nations,” Vienna Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, May 2023
Icons of Immortality, Pictures of Patriotism: Images of War Memorials in 450 Soviet and Post-Soviet Textbooks. Institute of Human Sciences (IWM), Vienna, 26 April 2023
Soviet War Memorials in Ukraine, 1943-2022. Contribution to the discussion “Decoloniality in Ukraine: Is there Still a Place for Soviet Soldiers in Historical Memory?” – Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, December 2022
Replicating Atonement: Foreign Models in the Commemoration of Atrocities. Translating Memories series at Tallinn University, November 2021
Victory Day: Ethnographies of Post-Soviet Commemoration. May 2021
Theorizing Exploration. Presentation at ISA Forum Porto Alegre 2021
Emotional Regimes and Commemorative Conflict. Presentation at ISA Forum Porto Alegre 2021
Soviet and Post-Soviet War Commemoration Reconsidered. CISR Berlin, December 2020
Dealing with the Soviet Past: Is There a Right Memory Model for Russia? Discussion with Nikolay Epplée, chaired by Izabella Tabarovsky. Kennan Institute, Washington DC, December 2018
Protest in Russia. “Russia under Putin” conference, Oslo, November 2018
Mischa Gabowitsch & Laurent Thévenot – “A Sense of Place” and “Populism and Common-Places.” Einstein Forum workshop on “Sites of Populism,” January 2018
“After Soviet Antifascism: Russian Nationalism and Its Adversaries Since 1987.” Talk at the Mapping Memories Conference 2017: “Fascism and Antifascism in Our Time: Critical Investigations,” November 2017
Sites of Practice. “Imagine Solidarity!” conference, Einstein Forum, July 2017
“The cognitive and emotional space of protest: Russia, 2011-13.” European University, Saint Petersburg, November 2013
Putin kaputt!? Authority, opposition, and protest in Russia. Discussion with Masha Gessen, chaired by Wolfgang Eichwede. Einstein Forum, 13.2.2013
Masses in (E)Motion: conference introduction (with Rüdiger Zill). January 2013
Translating Atonement: conference introduction, June 2011

Interviews with me

Misha Glenny: How to Invent A Country—Russia. Part 1: A Tale of Two Ivans
Misha Glenny: How to Invent A Country—Russia. Part 2: The Empire Strikes Back
Misha Glenny: How to Invent A Country—Russia. Part 3: The Bear Moves West
Misha Glenny: How to Invent A Country—Russia. Part 4: The Sacred Song of War
After Caputh: Einstein alumni today, in conversation with Susan Neiman. July 2020
Praxis Europa: A Community of Learning and Action for Europe. February 2018
Protest in Putin’s Russia. Sean Guillory’s SRB podcast, July 2017

My interviews

Interview with Lana Lovrenčić, Office for Photography, Zagreb, August 2020
Interview with Diana Dumitru, Ion Creangă State Pedagogical University, Chișinău, August 2020
Interview with Daniela Koleva, Sofia University, August 2020
Interview with Ksenia Robbe, University of Groningen, July 2020
Interview with Oksana Dovgopolova, Odesa National University, July 2020
Interview with Daria Khlevnyuk, Higher School of Economics, Moscow. July 2020
Interview with Misha Melnichenko, Prozhito Center. In Russian, with English subtitles. July 2020

Talks and discussions I chaired

Discussion and Q&A with Jelena Subotić, Andrea Pető, and Nikolay Koposov at the conference “Hijacking Memory: The Holocaust and the New Right” (Berlin, 12 June 2022)
Discussion and Q&A with Mykola Borovyk, Alexander Verkhovsky, and Ksenia Svetlova at the conference “Hijacking Memory: The Holocaust and the New Right” (Berlin, 12 June 2022)
Bálint Magyar, Bálint Madlovics: The Anatomy of Post-Communist Regimes. Einstein Forum, October 2021
Bridging Memory Studies Across Languages. Opening keynote session of the Memory Studies Association’s annual conference. July 2021
Laura Centemeri: Permaculture, or the Art of Reinhabiting. Einstein Forum, June 2021
Greg Yudin: From Democracy to Plebiscites. Why Voting Dominates Our Democratic Imagination. Einstein Forum, May 2021
On Barak, Alexander Etkind: Empire’s Nature. Inaugural event in my series People, Things, and Animals . Einstein Forum, January 2021
Benjamin Zachariah: Global Fascism and International Cooperation among the Far Right. Einstein Forum, June 2020. Part 1
Benjamin Zachariah: Global Fascism and International Cooperation among the Far Right. Einstein Forum, June 2020. Part 2
Antonio A. Casilli: Automating Credulity. The Digital Labor Behind Fake News and Propaganda. Einstein Forum, July 2019
Christopher Otter: Diet for a Large Planet. The World Food System, Human Health and Ecological Overshoot. Einstein Forum, February 2018
Peter Frankopan: The Silk Roads. A New History of the World. Einstein Forum, January 2017
Alena Ledeneva, Informal to the Core? Russian Society in Global Perspective. Einstein Forum, May 2016