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Detailed chronologies of 20th and 21st century Soviet and Russian history

This list focuses on detailed, day-by-day or thematic chronologies useful for reference in research, although a few general overviews are also mentioned at the beginning. Most of the chronologies listed are in Russian, and some in English, French, or German. While a number of them are freely available online, others are published in print form only, and most of the Panorama chronologies are behind a paywall.

More links and references will be added. Comments, corrections, and additions are welcome.

Россия в XX веке, Россия в первые годы XXI века (Russia in the 20th century, Russia in the first years of the 21st century)

Years covered: 1900-2008 (also since 800). In Russian. Compiled by Covers political events.


Chronology of Russia

Years covered: 860-2000. In English. General overview. Maintained by Bucknell University. Most of the “other chronology links” are out of date, as is this list.


L’Histoire de la Russie de 859 à 1999 (The history of Russia, 859-1999)

Years covered: 859-1999. In French. General overview. Compiled by Marie Deriglazoff.


Timeline of the Russian Revolutions

Years covered: 1848-1918, focusing on 1917. In English. Compiled by Robert Wilde based on English-language studies.


Хроника текущих событий-1 (The chronicle of current events)

Years covered: 1968-82. In Russian, with brief general descriptions in English and German. Compiled by dissidents. State repression and the activities of dissidents and human rights activists.


Хроника текущих событий-2 (The chronicle of current events)

Years covered: 2012-2016. In Russian. Compiled by The New Times. State repression and the activities of protesters and human rights activists.


Landeschronik Sowjetunion (Soviet Union country chronicle)

Years covered: 1956-1991. In German, with short illustrated summaries in English and other languages. Part of an online Biographical Encyclopaedia of Resistance and Opposition under Communism, 1945–91 that also includes similar chronologies for other East European socialist countries. The country chronologies can be merged into a single timeline of dissent in socialist Eastern Europe. The website also features detailed narrative overviews of dissent in each country.


Chronik politischer und gesellschaftlicher Ereignisse in der Sowjetunion und Russland(Chronicle of political and societal events in the Soviet Union and Russia)

Years covered: 1964- (with increasing detail). In German. Compiled by Henning Schröder and the Russlandanalysen. Covers a wide variety of topics, with a focus on Moscow and Saint Petersburg.


1990 – Хроника (A chronicle of 1990)

Period covered: Nov 9, 1989-Dec 31, 1990. In Russian. Compiled by Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie. An extremely detailed day-by-day chronicle of 1990 with comments and diary excerpts contributed by well-known contemporaries. A “prologue” lists major events at the end of 1989.


Official schedule of the Russian president

Years covered: 2008-. In Russian and English. Compiled by the presidential administration.


Расизм и ксенофобия. Racism and xenophobia

Years covered: 2003-. In Russian. Compiled by the SOVA Center. Chronicle of violent events, publications, and trials based on press monitoring.


Thematic chronologies compiled by Panorama. All in Russian

Freely available:

Putin day by day, August 1999-March 2002.

Chronicle of the 1999 Duma election campaign, Oct 4-Dec 19.


32 thematic chronologies, 1987-, covering politics, elections, terrorism, armed conflicts, etc.


Тимур Музаев. Чеченский кризис-99: политическое противостояние в Ичкерии: расстановка сил, хроника, факты. М.: Панорама, 1999. (The Chechen crisis of 1999: Political confrontation in Ichkeria)


Оттепель: хроника важнейших событий (The Thaw: chronicle of the most important events)

Years covered: 1953-1962. In Russian. Compiled by Sergei Chuprinin. Literary events during the Thaw.

Vol. 1: Оттепель. 1953-1956: Страницы русской советской литературы / Сост., автор вступ. Ст. И «Хроники важнейших событий» С.И. Чупринин. М.: Московский рабочий, 1989. P. 417-480.

Vol. 2: Оттепель. 1957-1959: Страницы русской советской литературы / Сост., автор вступ. Ст. И «Хроники важнейших событий» С.И. Чупринин. М.: Московский рабочий, 1990. P. ???-???

Vol. 3: Оттепель. 1960-1962: Страницы русской советской литературы / Сост., автор вступ. Ст. И «Хроники важнейших событий» С.И. Чупринин. М.: Московский рабочий, 1990. P. ???-???


Le nationalisme russe et ses adversaires – une chronique de 1987 à 2007 (Russian nationalism and its opponents, 1987-2007)

Years covered: 1987-2007. In French. Compiled by Mischa Gabowitsch (from my dissertation).


Хронологическая схема московского метрополитена (Chronological map of the Moscow metro)

Years covered: 1935-. In Russian. Compiled by Alexey Goncharov. Stations on this map are color-coded by date of opening/closure, with the year indicated next to each station. The latest map, as of fall 2017, is here. The most detailed chronological account of the Moscow metro that I know is the one in the Russian Wikipedia; it includes, but is much more detailed than, the chronicle on the metro’s official website.


Finally, here are links to some other relevant chronologies in the Russian-language Wikipedia. As usual, these have to be used with caution and double-checked against other sources, but some of them can be useful starting points for further research.

Советская цензура, 1917-1991 (Soviet censorship)

Вторая мировая война (Second World War) / Великая Отечественная война (Great Patriotic War), 1939-1945

Заседания государственного совета РФ, 2000- (Sessions of the Russian State Council)