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Sociology: theory, methods, history

My work on the theory, methods, and history of sociology falls into two main areas.

On the one hand I have written about the sociology of regimes of engagement, the most sophisticated variety of French pragmatic sociology and to my mind one of the most important theoretical developments in sociology in recent decades. In addition to papers and book chapters that provide overviews of this sociological approach, I have also tried to contribute to its further development, e.g. by writing about emotional regimes or temporalities from the perspective of engagement sociology, and by theorizing a regime of exploration. Several of my papers in this field are in press or in progress, including two papers written jointly with Laura Centemeri, Andrew S. Hoffman, and Luca Pattaroni, and will be listed here once they are published. Jump to publications and videos.

On the other hand, I have published observations and critical reflections on the past and present of Russian sociology, the practice of doing sociological research in Russia, articulations between historical and sociological research on Soviet and Russian society, and the challenges of translating texts in the social sciences and humanities into or from Russian. I have put together several journal issues or clusters on these themes in addition to publishing a number of standalone papers and essays. Please note that a significant portion of my work in this area is not available in English, including a much-cited paper on the Levada school that exists in a German and a Russian version. Jump to publications.

The sociology of regimes of engagement

Theorizing Exploration. Presentation at ISA Forum Porto Alegre 2021
Emotional Regimes and Commemorative Conflict. Presentation at ISA Forum Porto Alegre 2021

Russian sociology / sociology in and on Russia